Saturday, January 31, 2015

So, So Good

There are moments when being a momma is hard. When having a baby is hard. When I want some extra sleep or some time to myself or an extra glass of wine or the ease that was "pre-baby". And then there are moments when I couldn't imagine my life without Mark in it. When life is so much better as a momma and I am stopped in my tracks with how lucky I am. These are the days I hope I always remember.

I hope I remember naps where I lay him in his crib wide awake and he's out for over an hour like he knows how much I have to get done while he sleeps. I hope I remember his slobbery kisses that I can't help but laugh at when I'm feeling even the least bit down. I hope I remember his chubby little thighs kicking with all their might in the bath tub and his sweet smiles that slay me. I hope I remember looking into his drowsy eyes as they grow heavy and he stills in my arms. I hope I remember how important my job as his momma is and how much he loves me.

Because these days are the good ones, the really good ones.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mark's Firsts: Swimming

Life is better with a baby, it truly is. 

This past weekend we took Mark on an adventure. An adventure to the pool in the same recreation district that his mommy and daddy met over 7 years ago. We've officially made it full circle... high school lifeguards fall in love, get married and then bring their baby back to the pool where it all started. And Mark loved it! 

We have quite the little fish on our hands and can't wait to get back in the water with him. J and I have always loved the pool and being in the water so I'm thrilled that Mark did so well for his first time. He cracked smiles at the little old ladies we saw, floated around and only tried to drink the water a handful of times. He didn't cry or fuss even once. To be honest he really didn't do much except for a few kicks that I'm sure were accidents but I can't wait for the summer to come so he'll be older and more aware of how much fun he's really having. 

We can officially check swimming off his list of firsts!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Baby H: Four Months of Mark


[+] weighs 13lbs (5%) and is 24in long (7%) with a head of 42cm (60%). We've been worried about his weight recently but the pedi seemed comfortable where he's at especially since he's proportional weight to height. And he's still rockin' the big ol noggin.

[+] puts everything in his mouth! Toys, his fingers or entire fist, blankets, bibs, our fingers, etc etc. He is so slobbery and usually has a soaked shirt to prove it. Sometimes when he wakes up from naps his A&A blanket is soaked from where he's been fighting his swaddle and sucking the blanket.

[+] is on the brink of so many milestones and we are waiting on pins and needles for them to happen. If we strategically place his arms correctly, he'll roll from tummy to back. He will sort of sit up without help until his big noggin topples him over. His giggles are showing up more and more and boy does this little boy love to smile!

[+] is starting to transition out of the swaddle and so far so good. We've started with naps, just like how we transitioned into the crib, and we've got about a week under our belts. We knew we couldn't go cold-turkey with it because he still has wild arms and smacks himself in the face. So from a suggestion on a mommy-board I took a long sleeve sleep sac and tied the arm holes shut. That way he can move and bend his arms without going crazy. The transition has shown that we might have a side sleeper on our hands which is awesome for his silly bald spot.

[+] loves when we read books before bed. His bedtime routine involves either a bath or all-over lotion, putting on jammies and sitting on my lap for a book. Just recently he's started really looking at the books and the pictures as I turn the pages. Before he used to just sit there while I read but now he'll follow the book if I move it and I can't wait for him to really understand story-time.

[+] no longer sleeps through the night but as is life with a baby, right? As soon as you have something established, it goes out the window. I'm pretty sure it has to do with hunger rather than habit which means there's nothing we can do about it at this point except feed him. Good nights he wakes up once (usually between 2-4am) and bad nights he wakes up three times but only eats once. Hello possible four month sleep regression?

[+] went swimming for the first time on Saturday and absolutely loved it. He was such a fish already and I'm so glad we took him. I'll be doing a whole post on this soon but our 30min dip has me so excited for the summer and days spent splashing around in the sun.

[+] nicknames are Marky, Love-B and Buddy (from mommy and daddy), Boo and Buckwheat (from grammy).

[+] likes: his swing, daddy's songs, his leap-frog singing dog

[+] dislikes: wearing pants, being sleepy, sitting still, dad's car

[+] cannot believe I've been this little boy's momma for 4 months already. Seriously where is the time going? As much as I miss his new baby smell and him sleeping on my chest in those early days I have to admit that I love this stage and the passage of time. Mark was really high needs in the beginning so as each day passes life with him gets easier and much more fun. I always thought I'd love being a "newborn momma" but it turns out this stage is even better.

[+] received a great compliment from our Education Specialist at school that made me feel so much better about being a Doctor-mommy combo. It would be impossible for me to choose which part of my life is more important to me because they're on totally different playing fields. I've worked so hard to get where I am education/carrier wise but being a momma has always been a dream too. Often I feel like I am failing at both so it was great to hear from someone else that I can be successful at both.

[+] bought a new swimsuit that I like to call my "sport suit" instead of my mom suit. It's C9 by Champion from Target, has regular bikini bottoms and a really cute, sporty tankini top. When we decided to go swimming I knew there was no way I wanted to dawn a bikini already thanks to not stepping in the gym for over 6mo so I figured this was the best way to go. Plus lugging a baby around makes it more difficult to make sure everything is in place so I'm very happy with my purchase.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Passage of Time

Time is a funny thing.

Two years ago we were drinking champagne and celebrating a medical school acceptance. After a long application process and dreams of moving home we were thrilled with that happy envelope that came in the mail. We started the scrambling process of selling our San Diego house, finding a new one and moving back to Colorado. Hello dream come true!

One year ago I was cramming for a GI exam. It was my second semester in my first year of school and I was in full study mode. I had worked so hard to get to this place and was really enjoying finally being where I wanted school-wise. Dream come true again. 

And then there's this year. Yes I'm still studying and a crazy full-time student and there are times that I don't enjoy every minute of it. But my study breaks are spent loving on my husband and my sweet, sweet son. This year I'm a momma and he is my dream come true. 

I am so blessed with all that life has given me. Is it perfect all the time? Heck no! But it is exactly what I want and I can't believe how lucky I am. Dreams really do come true!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014!

It's been one heck of a year! 
Thanks for all the memories, 2014. The good, the bad, the life changing. 
It's been a year I'll never forget. 
Bring it on 2015!


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