Monday, February 28, 2011


This months vlog topic was to show or talk about three things that "describe you". This could be something really important to you, something that you'd be sure to grab in a fire or something that just shows your personality.

To see my vlog for the month of January (the dialect vlog) go here.
To link up to or join the "Vlog of the Month Club" (or to see other people's videos) go here.

*I apologize for my grungy appearance. I worked at Panera today and part of our uniform is a hat. Nice because I don't have to do my hair. Not nice because then I have hat hair after work. And since J and I were headed to the gym tonight anyways I decided to throw on my gym clothes and headband and wing it.*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bow-Tee Money Saver

I started with this. A size 1X long sleeve shirt found on the clearance rack at the good ol' Target. Please tell me you can't pass up something that's $5 either (minus the fact that it's like 4 sizes too big)? And with a little inspiration in the form of this shirt, a few TV recordings on the DVR and some time with my sewing machine....
Here is what I have now!
I simply used a perfectly fitting tee I already had to get the sizing right. (See I told you it was too big for me!) Then I just sewed new seams along the sides and sleeves and ta-da! A custom shirt. I decided to keep the original length of the top because I like shirts that are a little longer anyways.
I used the extra fabric that I cut out to make the bow in the center. It's a little lopsided and I might add some more support stitches to the middle but overall I'm very happy.
Ollie likes it too. Once it was finished we went for our afternoon walk so I could show off my new bow-tee. I cannot believe that I basically saved $35+ making this shirt myself compared to buying the one I used as inspiration! Plus it was an absolutely success for my first attempt at sewing something clothing related. I will definitely be scrounging around those clearance sections more often now knowing I can take something so wrong for me and make it perfect.
This is my second attempt at making something I've never done before. In case you missed the first project you can find it here. I'm definitely opening up many doors to new things lately.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My New School Bag

This semester is different for me in many different ways. I am not only taking three classes (half as many as I took spring of freshman year) but I'm also in only one science class which is crazy if you know me at all. What this equates to is a lack of ginormous, heavy textbooks that I have to lug back and forth to campus. I have also yet to bring my lap top to class this semester which ultimately means I have a much lighter load than I'm really used to.

With all of that happening, I decided I wasn't really feeling my backpack anymore. While I love that it's plaid and Roxy and J got it for me, I feel quite silly when I bring it to class with one notebook in it. But then I was faced with another dilemma. I have no other bags that are cute/not falling apart/big enough to fit a 3-ring notebook into because frankly, I'm not a big fan of bringing a purse and carrying my stuff.

My decision therefore was to make something that fit all my qualifications. You might remember this post where I found some awesome fabric in the remnant bins at Joanns and well ladies, here is what I came up with.
It was beyond easy to make this bag. I was originally going to wing it and figure out how to piece it together. I'm not picky, didn't want anything complicated and wouldn't care if it came out a little lopsided. Then I came across this awesome tutorial from Kim who many of you might know through her etsy shop Oh Sweet Joy!

Her directions were great and easy to modify to make the bag perfect for what I needed. I changed the dimensions of the starting fabric pieces to be 17 x 19 (in order to fit the supplies that I bring to class) and also added a flat bottom to the bag so it would sit nicely next to me at my desk. To make the bottom flat I followed this tutorial and while I was a little apprehensive about cutting into my newly sown pieces, it turned out great.
I've gotten a few compliments on it while in class and I have to say I'm pretty impressed by myself and my first ever bag construction. And like my usual self, I'm so happy that it was so cheap. I think the whole thing (fabric remnant and 1 yard of material for the handles) cost me less than $8!

Have you tried making something you've never done before?
How did it turn out for you?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Currently [v2]

I am:

+ happy with how my first day of work at Panera went yesterday. While it was probably the busiest and most frantic 4 hours I've had in a long time, it was fun and the time flew by. I was working dining room and have a new appreciation for the people who make Panera happen. I will never complain about not getting enough dressing again because now I know what it's like to work the lunch rush. My feet were definitely tired.

+ thankful that it's already Thursday. I feel like this week has been seriously dragging.

+ also thankful that this spring is so drastically different from last spring. While I am still stressed about actually getting into a med school at least I know I've done everything I could and it's all on the table now.

+ not looking forward to the rain we are expecting in San Diego this weekend. Yesterday was such a drag. If you know me at all you know I hate the rain. I did however, happen to throw on the most ridiculous outfit I've worn in quite some time when I got home from work. And all by accident too. Gym shorts, salmon colored workout top, mini zip sweat shirt, messy french braid and over the knee brown socks. Hey, I was home to relax.
And so was Ollie. He was extra snuggly all day thanks to our gloomy weather. By the way, I don't know why he's lifting his leg. I held the camera up and his leg went up immediately and stayed like that. And yes, his toy is a baked potato.

+ currently enjoying a bowl of Blue Box mac n cheese. The classic. However, since we're all friends here, I'll tell you all my odd preference.... I prefer my mac n cheese cold. Like in the fridge for hours cold.

+ excited for the next few months and all they are going to bring with them. Trip to Omaha, the coming of spring, making more money, spring break, and celebrating graduation with family and friends.

+ as always, in love with my little family. J and I have been so busy separately lately that I hope we can spend some quality time together this weekend with our pup. I'm beyond thankful I have the two of them in my life.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy as a Clam and TGIF

While I am very happy that it's Friday and the start of yet another weekend, I have to say I'm not as "TGIF-giddy" as I sometimes am. There are some weeks that drag on, are super stressful, and you can never seem to get enough sleep, get enough done or take a moment to relax until Friday rolls around. But, I'm happy to announce I had a splendid week overall.

+I start my new job at Panera on Monday

+I aced the couple quizzes I had in my classes

+I made it to the gym a few times and felt really good afterwards

+I was offered a second Med School interview that will be in March

+I've been using my free goodies from my birthday like a free Einstein Bros Bagel and a free noodle bowl from Noodles and Co.

+and I even had a chance to stop by Joann Fabrics to pick up supplies for a few new projects

I ended up spending a good 45 minutes in Joann's because I just couldn't decide what I wanted to work on. I knew I wanted something that was a little less "I-can-finish-this-in-one-day" type and more of a "make-progress-slowly" type. Here's a preview.... what can I say, it's in the works.
I also scrounged around in the remnant bins because I've been able to find some great things in there before. And this was no exception. I have a project in mind that I'll work on this weekend and I can't wait to show it off next week sometime.
However, even though I'm very happy to have had such a good week it's nice that it's finally Friday. J and I will get to spend some quality time together and hopefully get to spend sometime outside in the warm weather (in the 80's hopefully) we're expecting here. I'm also looking forward to...

+buying new workout clothes with my Kohl's gift card from my bday

+working on the projects mentioned above

+going to Red Robin for dinner tonight

+heading to Costco to stock up our kitchen

+and celebrating the Valentine's Day weekend with my love ♥

Overall: I'm happy as a clam right now.

TGIF ladies!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I had an absolutely fabulous birthday and Superbowl weekend so I thought I'd share some of the details. I woke up Saturday morning alone in bed. Sounds odd I know but it's great when J gets up with Ollie to take him out and doesn't wake me up. It's nice to be able to sleep in a little when I can.

Once they finally got back to the apartment, I was greeted with awesome balloons and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. My mom used to get my sister and I the same number of balloons as the age we were turning up until the end of high school. She used to sneak into the school even and leave them tied in our lockers or chairs in class so it's sort of tradition for me to get balloons. I am so happy J has picked up the tradition now too. However, now that I'm older, it doesn't make sense to get that many balloons so I got these babies instead.
Ollie thinks they're pretty odd... and we do torment him a little with them.

I love my flowers, they make it feel like spring in our apartment. I'm a big fan of mixed bouquets because that way you get a little bit of everything.
These green ones are my favorites. I don't know what kind of flower they are though, so if you know, please tell me. :-)
I have such a generous family and BF that I had got lots of awesome things on my birthday. My mom sent a box filled with Starbucks gift cards, some new work out clothes (which help motivate me to actually go to the gym) and a few new pieces for my Brighton Charm Necklace.

She gave me the purple birthstone charm and the "cage" bead (2nd from the right). My sister also got me new pieces too so that was a great surprise. She picked the thin black & white stripe bead and the spacer that looks like a braid (to the right of the birthstone). I love how lots of jewelers are coming out with lines like this now.
My biggest present (and the one I love slightly more than the others) is my new HP printer. I had asked J for a photo album and a gift card to Costco or somewhere so I could get prints made of all the photos I have in my iPhoto. Instead, he decided to get me an awesome printer for home so I could print them whenever I want!
She's just gorgeous isn't she? Okay, I'm weird I know. But really, this printer is so neat. Touch screen, web capabilities, wireless printing and I can even print from it when I'm not home. Just send a quick email to it and it'll be printed by the time I get home.
He also picked out a gorgeous photo book that I spent a good portion of the day trying to fill. I love the subtle colors and the photo-viwere on the front.
I know I can always open my computer and look at any picture whenever I want but there's something different about having physical prints that I absolutely love. I decided to starting filling it with the beginning of 2010 (New Year's Eve 2009) and go from there. I'm also not including big vacations like Hawaii because I want to have a whole separate album for those things.

I love looking back at older pictures and thinking about all the fun memories. Like my 21st birthday last year....
Or catching frogs and drinking beers in the water at the lake....
I also got new pillows for the bed (that I have been asking for/complaining about for soo long), a new regular size and mini muffin pan and a giant cooling rack for all my baked goods. See, I told you I was spoiled.... and extremely grateful for the people in my life that I love.

We went on a walk around the lake in the afternoon and enjoyed the 70 degree weather we've been having here lately. (I'm sorry if your stuck in a blizzard right now and want to punch me for bragging about our weather.) We stopped by Starbucks on the way home for an afternoon treat and picked up the apartment a little for the following day.

Then J and I got all dressed up to go out for the night. We went to see Country Strong and it was a fabulous movie. If you're a country music fan (and you probably need to be to enjoy the movie to the fullest) then I highly recommend seeing it. There were so many great songs, I need to buy the soundtrack one of these days. We ended the night with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Yum-o! We ate way too much delicious food, had some great drinks and headed home to eat Red Velvet Cake instead of ordering cheesecake. J knows how much I love RV and surprised me with it.

And how do I feel now that I'm 22? Older.... not really. Happy.... definitely.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ollie and the Balloon

I know this might make us bad puppy parents but it was too hard to resist. I promise that we love him more than words can describe and we spoil him like crazy, we just like to have fun too.

I love how he sits with his tongue sticking out and unfortunately you can't tell but there's drool streaming from his lips the whole time. What a weirdo. And yes, I was watching Say Yes To The Dress, don't judge me.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday

+Today is my 22nd birthday!
+I cannot wait to spend the whole day with J. As much as I wish I had a bigger group of girl-friends out here who could take me out for drinks or what have you, I couldn't imagine spending today with anyone but him!

+To prove my point, I woke up to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and some vellum birthday balloons this morning.
+I am spending my day doing the following:

- Opening presents from my mom, sister and wonderful BF, I'm so lucky!
- Taking Ollie on a walk around the lake
- Using my free Starbucks gift certificate
- Possibly going to the gym
- Seeing Country Strong
- Going to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and enjoying a few delicious drinks

+Oh and did I mention, J brought home a 10 inch Red Velvet cake for me yesterday. I will definitely be having some of that later tonight.

What a glorious day it's been so far!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can You Bring Me A Cough Drop?

I've been feeling under the weather since Sunday afternoon. I don't think it's anything too bad, probably just a cold. I don't have a fever which is a plus but I sure do feel yucky. Thankfully I don't have class today so I can curl up in bed all day if I want to. If only my bed was as comfy as this one looks...
I plan on drinking copious amounts of tea (maybe throw in a little OJ while I'm at it) to try and flush my system of this bug. I hate being sick, especially the sore-throat-kind which is what I seem to only get.
Maybe this afternoon I'll feel up to making some more muffins as I still have blueberries left. Or maybe I'll take a trip to the store (thankfully we're not experiencing the effects of the ice-box that seems to be dominating the rest of the country right now. Negative temps, no thanks!) to make something delicious in leu of Valentine's Day being right around the corner. Red velvet cupcakes perhaps? That should make me feel better, right?

For now I'm off to bed with a few pieces of toast and my cute Nook. I think I'll even let this cutie snuggle in the covers with me today. Here's to a quick turn around of this cold just in time for my birthday this weekend. A girl can hope at least.
Happy Hump Day.


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