Monday, February 29, 2016

Baby H: Week 31 (times two)

At the beginning of this week I got some good news about how things will work out with school when this little one makes his debut. Today I start my second month in Family Medicine and then have a month of Psych after that. I'm set to have my core rotations end a mere 9 days before my due date which is perfect timing (assuming he doesn't come any earlier than that!). Since Mark was 4 days early I'm thinking this little boy will arrive somewhere between my 39th and 40th week. I will then get 4 weeks completely off which is actually a plus since I had this much time with Mark but was also doing a few other things at the same time. Then I'll get 4 weeks of board studying for Step 2/Level 2 so while I'll be involved with that I'll at least be home and can snuggle/feed my new boy and set my own schedule. So this takes us basically to July and I'm not sure what the end of summer/beginning of fall will entail but this is at least a step in the right direction.

Symptom wise this week has been a bit better than the average and I'm very thankful for that. I got some OMT done for my poor aching pelvis and while I'm still pregnant so by no means 100%, any help is greatly appreciated. I've been drinking at least +70oz of water every day which I can tell is helping even if it means I have to pee all the time. I've been sleeping okay (minus Saturday night which was a nightmare!) and have noticed that I don't really have much of an appetite during the day. The decreased appetite is actually comforting though given that I am up close to 25lbs already with two more months to go but this is right where I was with Mark and everything turned out fine. I've been wanting a lot of Mexican food, ice cream and tart beverages like lemonade and orange juice. I'm still swelling free, my wedding rings are still on and I think I have a new stretch mark above my belly button.

My doctors appointment this week was short and sweet with everything checking out as it should. Little man's heart beat is as strong as ever, my belly is measuring right on track and he is for sure head down (which I could have told you with all his hiccups in my lady bits!). I mentioned again that I've been having quite a good amount of Braxton Hicks contractions still and after a few suggestions/warnings from my doc, she said "we really just have to get you 4 more weeks and then I don't care what happens" which is absolutely mind blowing! I hope he stays in there longer than that but I guess anything is possible.

I don't know if I'm just emotional stressed, thankful, overworked, tired in general or if it's magnified by being pregnant but I have been all over the place in terms of emotions lately. I'll find myself laughing so hard I'm in tears after we've finished dinner, Mark is running wild in just his diaper giggling his head off feeling so thankful for what my life has become and then within an instant a switch flips to feelings of anxiety about how things are going to change and how nervous I am about being a momma of two. Sometimes J and I will be chatting, he'll look at me and ask if I'm doing okay and it's all I can do to hold back the tears because I feel like I'm at the limit of what I can handle. I'll sing Mark to sleep in his room at night, his body somehow perfectly sized to lay right around my growing belly as if my lap would be too small otherwise and I'll end up soaking the top of his head with tears because of how I know in my heart my most important job in this life is being these two boys' momma. Basically I feel like I'm crying all the time. So if you see me make sure to have some tissues and be forewarned that I'm basically a hot mess!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Baby H: Week 30 (times two)

30 weeks down means 75% of the way towards meeting this little boy of ours! Plus it likely means we are in single digit weeks until his arrival making the coming of spring that much more exciting. 

This little man has always been quite the mover and shaker, much more than big brother, and it's becoming evident that's not letting up anytime soon. I swear he moves all day, every day. Since my placenta is posterior this time around I am definitely more aware of what body part is where and I'm often laying my hand on my belly feeling him push his back/butt out on one side and moving his legs across the other side. He does grace me with cervix jabs frequently and I'm starting to get occasional rib kicks too as my belly just runs out of room. I forgot how miserable my ribs felt last time! Just like big brother he gets the hiccups often already and it's so different feeling them in my pelvis instead of in my belly (if that even makes sense). 

Sleep has been really hit or miss this week which is definitely a drag. Usually I can fall asleep fairly easily but staying asleep amidst the rolling from side to side, hip/pelvis pain, heartburn and frequent bathroom trips is tough. Not to mention me waking up often signals this boy to start a dance party and falling back asleep doesn't always happen easily. Speaking of pelvic pain it is seriously getting bad and I'm not sure what to do about it at this point. My SI joint on the right and my PS and entire left hip get shooting pains throughout the day mostly when I change levels from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. There was one time getting out of bed that I literally couldn't take any steps for a minute or two because of how bad it hurt. I'm hoping to get in for some OMT soon and might end up scheduling my prenatal massage for sooner rather than later at this rate. The one thing that's been my saving grace when it comes to aches and pains is my Blanqi support tank and I notice such a difference on the days I wear it. This boy is so, so low and this tank really gives me the support I need to carry him around with me every day. 

Over the weekend Mark's new big boy chair finally arrived which means we can finish both rooms upstairs. We started with Mark's room, hanging all the decor/wall pieces and buying new shelves for his books and will hopefully be able to finalize baby brother's room this coming weekend too. We had a bit of a mishap hanging his massive wall map, I need to change around his collage wall just a bit and his curtains need hemming and then I'll be able to do a new nursery post. Not to mention I'm slacking at his quilt post as well but it's not like I don't have anything else going on ;-)

Keep growing in there little one but really, I'd love to be able to kiss your sweet lips in two-ish months, okay?! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Baby H: Week 29 (times two)

We have officially moved to every two-week appointments and this past one went swimmingly. My belly is measuring right on track, no one said a word about my weight gain and baby boy's heart beat was ticking right along at 145. I believe he's head down because she found his heart beat low on my belly and hopefully he stays that way. And the best part is that I passed my glucose test with flying colors. I knew deep down I didn't have anything to worry about (much like how it was with Mark too) but it's always stressful thinking back on all the dessert you've eaten and having guilt for it. At my appointment I mentioned all the frequent Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having (basically all day every day) and she just told me to keep an eye on them getting more painful or having more than six in an hour. She also is great and lets me schedule a ton of appointments ahead of time and at this point I'm scheduled out till April, which will most likely be baby month (!!!), and that absolutely blows my mind. 

At this point with Mark we were gearing up to start our baby classes at the hospital and even though we've chosen to forego any new classes this time around, I hope to sit down with J sometime in the next month or so to chat about it all again. My labor with Mark was quite the doozy because of how fast it was and I want to make sure we've briefly chatted again about what we need from each other as my due date approaches. We've also briefly talked about the game plan for who will come be with Mark & Ollie as we welcome baby brother which helps settle this momma's heart. 

Symptom wise this week hasn't been anything out of the ordinary. I'm still my usual exhausted self by the end of the day but thankfully I've been sleeping decently minus the shenanigans our toddler has decided to pull the last week. My ribs have still be jab-free which helps make up for my entire pelvis always being so sore. I'm still stretch mark and swelling free and fitting into a handful of non-maternity tops to stretch (literally) my wardrobe. Sometimes I notice that I really have no appetite, in fact as I'm writing this I realized I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast and it's after 2pm, but I'm really just trying to listen to my body about what it needs. I'm still turned off by pieces of meat, still drinking lots of milk and still getting heartburn if somethings too spicy/I stuff myself too full. One thing that's definitely different this time around is how much more I notice my belly being in the way and it all has to do with Mark. Giving him a bath, rocking him to sleep, carrying him around when he's needy etc etc etc really take it's toll on my growing size. 

I've been working this week on helping make decisions about the little "baby sprinkle" the grandmas are throwing baby boy and I in about a month and hopefully after that I'll be motivated to finish getting ready for his arrival. Buying diapers, washing newborn clothes, filling drawers with essentials, picking up summer clothes since he's off season from big brother. And hopefully sooner rather than later J and I can decide on his middle name making that process complete. I also have a prenatal massage gifted from Christmas that I need to schedule, maybe the beginning of April? Its crazy to think we have less than 77 days left until we become a family of four! Gosh I can't wait to meet this new little boy!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Baby H: Week 28 (times two)

Hello third trimester! Holy cow! I can't believe we're already to this stage and am reminded over and over again how quickly time seems to be flying. I have my doctors appointment at the end of this week and then we move to two-week appointments which is insane. Officially being in third trimester makes it that much more real (as if I needed other reminders besides this growing bump!) that we'll have two little boys of our own so soon. 

This past week included my birthday which was a nice celebration. Although I wish it would have included a glass of wine or a dark beer I felt very special marking another year off the calendar and made sure to indulge in plenty of dessert. J and I enjoyed a nice dinner out followed by a movie and we continued the celebrating through the weekend. I got a pampering mani/pedi, we took Mark to his weekly swim lessons, I got a decent nap which is always a bonus and we enjoyed dinner (and homemade cherry pie) with my mom. My birthday always falls around the Super Bowl which meant we had some of our good friends over for the game and I was able to make a big pan of homemade mac n cheese which baby boy has been asking for for weeks! Not to mention celebrating a Broncos win! 

I think nursery prep is officially complete for baby boy as I finished his feature art piece last week and finally found the perfect decor items I was searching for. I still need to finish the binding on his quilt but after a fabric mishap it is officially back on the to-do list for sometime soon. We are STILL waiting on Mark's new chair and hopefully it comes soon so we can get both rooms complete. My mom and I have been chatting briefly about a little Baby Sprinkle the grandmas are throwing baby boy and I and I'm looking forward to celebrating the newest addition to our family. I have no idea when I'll get around to pulling the bins of teeny-tiny clothes from the basement along with all the "baby gear" but I have a feeling it'll still be a while since we're usually so busy.

Overall though it really was a good week. I think I finally had a week where I was complaining less and actually enjoying being pregnant more! I think I've found my groove as to what triggers my uncomfortable-ness (too tight pants, no support of my belly, being too full, etc etc) and have thankfully been sleeping better which just makes for a happier momma. Looking back at my Mark posts I realized how happy my ribs still are with this boy as he is low, low, low! I'm still swelling free but my feet tend to hurt quite a bit depending on how active I am through the day. My wedding rings are starting to get the slightest bit tight so we'll see how long they stay on. And by far the best parts of the week are all this little man's movements, seriously it seems like he's constantly up to something in there. This week his rear-end/back has been hanging out to the left of my belly button and he's been dancing his feet and swinging his arms like crazy all along the right of my belly. I feel him stretch and roll and sometimes my whole belly shakes/quivers and I wonder what he's up to in there. Maybe I'm just more in-tune with it but it seems like he moves so much more than Mark ever did which is fabulous because it puts him in the front of my mind all day long. I love this little boy with my whole heart and I'm thrilled to be one week closer to meeting him on the outside!


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