Thursday, March 16, 2017

Baby H: Eleven Months of Patrick


[+] weighs 22# 8oz according to our scale at home. He's basically the most delicious thing ever.

[+] got his top right lateral tooth this month and I'm thinking it's pair isn't too far behind. His two front teeth are moving in quite nicely and goodness is it nice to have those behind us because they're seriously the worst. It's so strange seeing his grin change as his teeth come in.

[+] was basically sick for an entire month and it was the worst thing ever. From snot nose to cough to horrible GI bug this boy went through the ringer. He fought bottles, was a horrible sleeper, vomited everywhere. He eventually got to the point where we had to syringe liquid in his mouth to force him to drink in order to avoid an ER visit for dehydration. We are thankfully on the mend here and praying that was the last of it for this season.

[+] dominates at meal times which doesn't surprise us but is a nice change after his sickness. The other night he had an entire turkey hotdog, a handful of grapes, a chicken tender and part of a cheese stick. It's so nice that he's basically onto "adult food" because the extra time commitment of prepping his food is basically nothing. I have a sneaking suspicion too that he's going to dominate his cake next month!

[+] babbles all the time and makes some extra silly noises too. He's just started pointing at everything and often points where he wants to go. His little outstretched finger is the cutest. If you ask him where Mark is he'll look all around until he spots him. We're working on sign language with him and hoping he starts picking it up soon. He hates sippy cups (which might have started with his horrible liquid refusal above) and basically just bangs anything we give him on his tray in terms of utensils.

[+] is definitely our sensitive boy and this momma loves it. He will rub his face into anything that's extra soft; pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and loves to snuggle anything similar. He also snuggles with us when he's tired and often climbs into your lap just to rub his face on you. Now that he's mobile he occasionally gets into things he shouldn't and a stern "no" or "Patrick Reece" sends him into a panic. His bottom lip sticks out and he cries the saddest, tear-filled cry until you tell him it's okay. His soft little heart is the sweetest.

[+] nicknames: Pat Pat, snuggle bug,

[+] likes: eating, pushing his walker, the toy stethoscope

[+] dislikes: trying to poop, being told "no", sitting in the bath

[+] am working to plan this little boy's first birthday party and it's so much fun. Thankfully the process is relatively simple since we're basically just copying Mark's first birthday celebration with the same type of party, the same menu, the same decorations just in a different color scheme. On my list of things to finish includes putting letters on his birthday banner and ordering his birthday hat and I can't believe how close party day really is!

[+] have officially matched into a residency position and I am thrilled to death. At this point I know that yes, I've matched but don't know where to yet. It's definitely silly that they make you wait to know location but knowing that I have a "home" (and a paycheck) come July is amazing.

[+] am absolutely loving having two boys. Sure it's the only thing I know but it's basically the best. Now that Pat is getting more mobile and interactive, it's been so fun to see their brother relationship start to bloom. They sit next to each other playing with match-box cars. They make each other laugh like no one else can. Pat's eyes are always on Mark and Mark has recently started being concerned about Pat when he cries. I can't imagine life without the two of them and know they are making me a better person each and every day.


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