Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Baby H: Eleven Months of Mark


[+] weighs about 21 and a half pounds. He is a big boy that's for sure and with his wild-side, sitting on the baby scale has turned into a "throw myself off the top of the dresser" game so his at-home weights aren't nearly as accurate anymore.

[+] took his first unassisted steps on August 15th and while they were quite wobbly and only a few in sequence it was such an amazing moment. Since then he's gotten so much better about standing still without holding anything and his Bambi-legs are getting much better at walking. He can get across a room, around furniture and even across different surfaces. He seems so proud of himself and boy are we proud too.

[+] finally has all four of his top teeth with the second middle tooth popping through this month. It's definitely behind all the others so his grin is still extra goofy but I'm happy it's out even the slightest bit. And goodness gracious, can I say how much worse those two front teeth were than all the rest!? Yikes!

[+] hasn't said any more words this month but is communicating in other ways which is fantastic. He chatters all the time and will "talk" back and forth with you. He's also started to finally pick up some signing and will sign "more", "milk" and "all done" most of the time. His signs aren't exactly correct at this point but he does a motion that's very close each time we ask so I'll take it.

[+] is starting to really do interactive play with us and it's so much fun. He will come and find you if you hide behind a chair or a corner and always has the biggest grin when he sees you. He giggles and crawls faster than I've ever seen if you tell him "I'm gonna get you!". He bangs to blocks together to make noise, booty dances to a good rhythm, and puts toys in your hand if you ask "can I have it?"

[+] nicknames: Marky, Love-B, Boo, Little Bear, My Mark

[+] likes: throwing toys down the cat-door, Ollie, shrimp, his new play room

[+] dislikes: not getting his way, changing his diaper, sitting still, the Bert & Ernie book


[+] have come to accept that there will be plenty of things I'll "miss out on" in the months and years to come given my chosen career. But the bright side of realizing this is that it makes the moments I do get to witness that much sweeter. Like Mark's walking mentioned above. I had tears of joy the moment he took those steps, half because he was doing so well and half because I witnessed it with my own eyes.

[+] am finishing my first clinical rotation of my third year this week. I jumped right into things and started with GYN surgery and it's been quite the adventure. I am thrilled to be out of the classroom and actually into the "real world" but that also means I can't skip class because I want to and often times have to be at work early in the morning. I've had so much OR experience and seen so many transforming surgeries. I've gotten a bit of office experience to help me with the ever-developing patient interaction aspect of medicine. I'm so happy to be using what the last two years have taught me but it's hard leaving for long days, being on the road before my baby wakes up, etc etc. I'm thankful I've been home every night in time to play for a while and put him to bed and I'm working on counting my blessings where I can.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thankful v18

Lately I've been thankful...
[+] for little updates around the house that have been long over-due

[+] for early party planning for a certain someone's big day
[+] for a little boy who LOVES to eat anything and everything

[+] for new connections and realizing you have so much in common 
[+] for glimpses at what life will look like with a boy and not a baby 

[+] for sunshine, blow up pools and hose water to fill the hot afternoons
[+] for adventures to places I went to as a kid

[+] for random early-releases and days completely off
[+] for cheap, crafty projects I hope to keep forever

[+] for photo updates of my little man when I'm away from home
[+] for belly-buddies turned baby-boy-buddies at the same softball field

[+] for not missing a single bedtime this week even if it meant a bit of road rage to get there
[+] for the OR and a chance to show off my suture skills among other things

I'm busier than ever and more thankful than ever too.


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